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    • What was your main reason for trying NSA with Family Network Chiropractic?
    • Was there anything causing you to not work with us right away? If so, what helped you overcome that hesitancy?
    • What positive effects have you noticed? What’s changed?
    • How long have you been using NSA with Marc or other NSA docs?
    • How has your view of life changed since doing this work? Do you do “you” any differently?
    • Are you able to pinpoint growth in your spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional areas?
    • Have you changed in any way that those around you have noticed?
    • Have you gained benefits that were not part of your initial reason for coming to us?
    • Have you been researching NSA or reading any of Dr. Donnie’s material to enhance your growth?
    • If you use other forms of personal development tools and systems, have you noticed a change in how they affect you since beginning NSA?
    • Any change in any negative habits or aspects of your life?
    • If you’ve had Structural Chiropractors (cracking and twisting) is there a difference in NSA that you prefer?
    • What’s it like being entrained with a group as opposed to alone?
    • What are your future goals for working with Marc and NSA? Where are you hoping it will lead?
    • What’s it like working with Dr. Marc?
    • Has Marc helped you or led you to help in areas outside of NSA?
    • What would you say to someone who’s considering NSA?

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