SRI – Somato Respiratory Integration: Awaken your True Self!

SRI Somato Respiratory Integration: Network Spinal Analysis: True Self
SRI Somato Respiratory Integration: Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic: Body and Breath Integrate. Awaken your True Self!

Your NSA entrainments are only one part of the healing process that we offer you at Family Network Chiropractic.

There is a way to enhance and build upon the work we do with you at our office. SRI takes everything to another level of self-improvement.

SRI Somato Respiratory Integration

SRI Somato Respiratory Integration consists of exercises you can do on your own or with an NSA practitioner to connect (integrate) your body, mind and breath. We’ll teach you how to move, breathe and focus simultaneously, to achieve even more breakthroughs in your healing process.

This connective process results in:

  • A more flexible, integrated experience of the spine and body-mind
  • Easier release of structural distortions/”anchors” to our past
  • Increased sense of peace and ease
  • Improved posture and deeper breathing
  • New options to deal with life stress
  • Empowering oneself to heal and transform their life experience

SRI exercises can also be used at home between NSA visits to relieve acute stress, and as part of one’s regular wellness routine, as thousands of people around the world have discovered.

SRI Somato Respiratory Integration is made up of the 12 Stages of Healing

There is a lot to share about each stage. Please click on the following link to learn more:
An in-depth explanation of the 12 Stages of Healing

Let’s examine the basics first

These stages tend to be predominantly within larger themes of our human journey called “seasons“. The seasons are:

  • Discover
  • Transform
  • Awaken

Like the seasons of the weather, they are cyclical. In other words, we may notice that we come back to visit parts of our self and themes of our life; but hopefully from a growing wisdom perspective that results in greater depth of who we are and our ability to love, grow and serve.

A key aspect of the care we offer is to support each person to re-organize their structures, (and thus the perceptions and behaviors that result from disorganized structures), while supporting them in the season of life they are in; the one they need to be in; and the one they must be in. Thus, each person is supported to Discover, Transform, and Awaken their immense self-healing ability and gifts for the world.


A time or place whereby you “discover”/learn about how and where you disconnected from a part of yourself. Done to protect yourself from an event or circumstance that wasn’t safe enough for you to fully experience and/or become aware of, acknowledge, and accept.

Through the principles of the triple “A” formula of awareness, acknowledgement, and acceptance you will “discover” where blame, polarity, and seeking help outside of yourself has taken you.

And it is the time to “discover” how your habitual patterns have kept you in a “loop” of pain, helplessness, blame and/or being “stuck” in order that you may set yourself free to make breakthroughs in the next Season.


A time or place where you develop skill to harness the power of decisive action, being authentic and being congruent in your life.

Again you will be using the triple A formula to help you claim back what you once gave away. You will transform outdated patterns, stories & rules, that once seemed rigid and unstoppable, creating a new map of “self”.

Emotional intelligence is one that moves us. It may move us to act in ways that are ultimately life-supporting and that we may have suppressed or ignored out of learned or survival behavior.


A time or place where “being” is a natural progression from “doing”. In the season of Awaken there can be true emptiness, acceptance and celebration. There is no longer a separate you to defend, so that you can bring out new perspectives of fulfillment and love.

SRI Somato Respiratory Integration is a MUST, not a MAYBE!

Awakening is not a luxury. It is a biological imperative! The more you learn about NSA, ROH, and SRI, the more you realize what you are leaving on the table if you do not fully embrace all that this healing paradigm has to offer.

You are leaving your True Self in Limbo, never reaching your fullest potential. Never letting your light fully shine. Never experiencing all you were meant to feel and have, and never providing fully for those who depend on you most.

SRI Somato Respiratory Integration is gently and safely taught by Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractors

Your are not “adjusted”. You are “entrained”. Just like a coach would train you for a sport. Except this is much easier and far more fulfilling!

See you on the entrainment table!

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