NSA: 3 Levels

NSA 3 Levels: Network Spinal Analysis levels of care
NSA 3 Levels: Network Spinal Analysis levels of care

There exist 3 levels of patient care. On any given day, exactly which level(s) are achieved will be clinically determined by evaluating the nervous system,the body’s subsystems and the complexity of the sensory-motor strategies utilized by your brain.

NSA 3 Levels of Care determined by how you currently deal with stress

Basically, the level of care will be quantified based on your brain’s ability to release Adverse Mechanical Spinal Cord Tension (AMCT) and your brain’s development of increasingly complex sensory-motor strategies.

Each level of care utilizes NSA and also includes Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) exercises; supplemented with the life-choice guidance inherent in Dr. Donald Epstein’s Triad of Change and Reorganizational Healing thesis.

Level 1: Basic Care

This is Basic or the beginning level of care. Recommendations for frequency of care are determined individually.

The length of basic care depends on the amount of past and present stresses on your spine and nervous system, your commitment to regular visits, and your awareness and respect for your own healing process. You may need to return to Basic care at times of trauma or periods of increased stress.

The design of Basic care is to assist you to get your spine healthy, so that your body can release stored energy and tension and become more at ease. This is achieved through increased “body-mind” connection and developing strategies within you to release tension/stress from your body and mind.

A healthier spine is more flexible adaptable and moves more freely. A happy and healthy spine is related to a happy and healthy life.

Level 2: Intermediate Care

After a re-evaluation, scheduled around or on the 12th visit; a decision by you and the practitioner is created as to whether level two of care is appropriate.

In level two or Intermediate care, the goal is to address your chronic spinal distortions and achieve a “clear out” of these patterns. Your body and nervous system transform the trapped energy of your chronic distortions into fuel for your healing.

During Intermediate care you may experience retracing of physical, chemical and emotional stresses as your nervous system integrates its new level of integrity. You will also begin to experience the Somatopsychic Wave, spontaneous muscular motions as your body starts to make its own correction.

As you progress through care this strategy refines to smooth coordinated responses. Your body will begin to adapt better to current physical, emotional and chemical stresses.

A nervous system functioning with greater integrity, will assist you to reach your full potential.

Level 3: Advanced Care

This is Wellness care. Frequency is determined by the individual.

Advanced care involves continuing to fine-tune your spinal and neural integrity to allow you to reach new levels of Wellness. Wellness care is for those who have achieved a greater level of spinal health and want care to continue to revitalize their health.

As you become eligible for advanced care sessions positioning of your arms, legs and torso are used to re-educate the nervous system to develop strategies for self-correction.

You will awaken the subtle energy awareness between yourself and the world. With a body-mind no longer experiencing the world or itself through chronic distortions, known as defense physiology, your awareness expands; awakening your heart center and expanding your ability to compassionately experience the world.


  1. Marcus Whitted
    October 21, 2017 @ 10:15 am


    I am looking for a level 3 certified Network Chiropractor in my area. I live in Royal Oak, MI, zip code: 48067

    Can you help me find someone?



    • Dr. Marc
      October 24, 2017 @ 9:49 pm

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Here is an interactive map to search: Search map

      Here is an advanced search tool on the same site: Advanced Search

      Good luck!


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