Gentle Chiropractic

We practice a type of Chiropractic called NSA
(Network Spinal Analysis)

NSA is unlike anything you may have experienced before.

There is NO twisting or cracking of the spine

It is gentle, using only light touches and verbal coaching.

You learn to control your own body to relax and pull your frame back into shape, rather than have a chiropractor force your bones into place.

It is safe for all types of people and for all age groups

From newborn babies all the way to adults in the later years of life.
For those only interested in relieving their extreme pain.
For psychic warriors, looking to reach that next level of human development.
And everyone in between.

You'll get all the same benefits of "regular" chiropractic

It can relieve your back pain and the types of discomfort that send most people to any chiropractor's office.

Your bones will sit right again, your physical tensions will be released, flexibility will be restored, etc.

But NSA goes way beyond pain relief alone

⚬ Develop a way to feel happy more often
⚬ Increase your self-awareness
⚬ Create flow in your day
⚬ Eliminate limiting beliefs and negative feelings
⚬ Find the positive in every situation more easily
⚬ Release emotional and mental tension and stress
⚬ End addictions and other bad habits
⚬ And feel a greater connection to all of life

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